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Play by pattern is in my
opinion the easiest way to
understand guitar.

There are many styles of
guitar, rock, jazz, country,
blues ect but they all use the
same patterns.

And it is not needed to
remember 1000's of patterns
that you will spend a life time
trying to memorize.

The pattern system is such
that one key is required for

Because each key of the 12
are the same shape's.

They just have a different
position on the neck. The
color dot in the patterns is the
root note used for positioning.

Each Key (of call it a chapter
in the book) is 17 pages each
laid out page by page the
same every key.

This book is perfect for
beginner or advanced.

These patterns in the eBook
are you could say the
foundation of theory and

These patterns you should
warm up on daily and have
this book for future reference.

See this book at amazon and
the sample pages there.

Its covers complete fretboard
patterns for major and
pentatonic scales, major and
minor triads, maj 7 - dominant
7 - minor 7 - minor 7b5 - minor

With this knowledge your
improvising will become free  
and off the cuff.

Your composing will improve.
It will be much easier to find
on the guitar the melodies
and riffs your hearing in your

And you will have plenty of
options where to take those
unfinished melodies and riff
with this knowledge.

Another thing is transcribing.
With the great slow downers
we have today and your
knowledge of the keys with
this eBook, You will see
transcribing is a lot easier. All
pros play the patterns too.

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